NYC Has Everything, Part 2

Thank yous. Good-byes. Cafe Pick-Me-Up. Learning how to pee on the street in NYC. Laughter. Artichoke. Pizza. Random girls puking. Random girls screaming at people in stereotypical Brooklyn accents. People. People. People. My last 14 hours in New York City


Ivy League

When I finished high school in 2006, I had no interest whatsoever in Ivy League schools, so I never ventured out to see any of them. But the old buildings, the nice (and incredibly smart) people, and the ivy sprouting up on every wall made for two awesome visits. It's a place I will gladly return to!

The Hopeful Couloir

We hooted and hollered all the way down, sharing high-fives and reveling in the prime conditions underneath glorious weather. Moments of celebration like this were so few and far between this season; the better ones like this seemed more valuable than ever before.

Белый Goes To Moab

While Slickrock is my favorite trail, Jon and Amanda are undoubtedly two of my favorite people in the world, and it was a definite treat to ride with the two of them and not the entire Alpine Club, as I have done in years past. I don't see these two as much since I moved from Denver, so we had an absolute blast together with our bikes on rock. I hope to ride with them both a lot more this summer before heading to the other side of the world.

FWT Qualifier Moonlight Basin 2012

I ended three from the bottom in 34th, but I did not mind considering all the fun I had been having with friends and family that weekend. I went for glory and didn't quite get it, but I did get some killer video footage of it all. Enjoy!