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An American Roadtrip

August 3, 2012


The next morning, I intended to go on a ~9 mile run to Hermitage Point, a peninsula that juts into Jackson Lake. I took a wrong turn at one point, so it turned into an 11.5 mile run, but the views were well worth the work to get there.

Hot Possie: Is It On?

April 8, 2011


Hot Possie ruined my life.

FWT Jackson Hole Recap

February 3, 2011


I got into Jackson at 2:30AM on Thursday morning after a nine-hour drive from Denver. The drive would not have taken so long, but winds blew my car sideways while I was going close to 80mph outside of Rawlins, so I decided to drive slower after that[Read More...]

09-10 Season Highlights

November 2, 2010


Because I usually find myself behind the lens for this blog, I realized I don't put up too many shots of myself actually skiing, save for GoPro footage. I also didn't have enough video from last year for a season edit, so here are the best pictures of me skiing last season...[Read More..]

Blame it on Jackson

March 29, 2010


I finally made it out of the State of Colorado for a recreational trip a few weeks ago when I spent a 5 day spring break in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. When all was said and done, I have never been so happy to return to Coloradical in my entire life. Something bad happened to me […]

Looking Back at the Last 365

November 18, 2009


It’s hard to believe that one year ago today I was on a train from Stockholm to Karlstad after spending two nights on a boat visiting the Latvian Capitol, Riga. It was a crazy couple of days, and thinking about it definitely sent my mind wandering to the past 365 and all that has happened […]

Jays on the Grand

September 1, 2009


Once again I need to give a huge shout-out to the awesome stuff Sara and Zack have been doing. This past weekend they summited the Grand Teton, which looks like an awesome trip in either summer or winter, and it is definitely on my list of future climbs for both seasons. For their trip report, […]