Mt. Elbert on Memorial Day (Reblog)

(Editor’s Note:I skied this line back in 2009 with Jenny. I didn’t really take any pictures the second time around, so I’ll point you to Collin’s well-written post about our Memorial Day Mission.)

Backcountry Skiing in Colorado

On May 28th Jon Jay and I set out for an early morning assault toward a thin Box Creek Cirque on Mt. Elbert.  I climbed Mt. Massive over 5 years ago and have wanted to get after Elbert for a while now.  However, I figured if I was going to climb it, I’d rather get a good ski in as well.  I’d just been waiting for the right time and Jon was down for the trip… it was on!

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Handies Peak and Colorado Colors

We found ourselves on a mild summit in no time, where Steve and I cracked some PBRs, seeing how that was the only source of nourishment. Sarah, on the other hand, decided to wait until we got back to the car to get her caloric intake...[Read More]

Massive Redemption

For every ten outdoor missions I go on, I will have at least one be a complete failure. I don't like to talk too much about these attempts, but they do exist. One such failure was earlier this year when Tyler and I tried to squeeze out a dawn patrol attempt of Mt. Massive in … Continue reading Massive Redemption

Maroon Bells Traverse

With chimichangas in our bellies and Capitol under our belts, Chris and I drove up Maroon Creek road to meet my friend Alan, whom I work with at Bent Gate Mountaineering, and his friend Matt for a quick six hours of sleep and a day on the Maroon Bells. We hit the trail at about … Continue reading Maroon Bells Traverse

Return to Capitol

Two years ago, after skiing off the summit of Quandary Peak, I began my "Summer of 14er Fever," with the crux being an ascent of Capitol Peak with my brother Steve. A couple of weeks ago, Chris expressed desire to doing Capitol, and I thought it would be a perfect warm-up for my summer of … Continue reading Return to Capitol