Ivy League

Outside of McCosh Hall
Firestone Library

I’ve been out to Princeton University twice in the last two months to both finish a course on Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), as well as go to Princeton in Asia’s Orientation Weekend (I’m moving to Kazakhstan in August with this program). I had never visited an East Coast school before, but I was captivated by this beautiful campus.

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Nassau Hall


When I finished high school in 2006, I had no interest whatsoever in Ivy League schools, so I never ventured out to see any of them. But the old buildings, the nice (and incredibly smart) people, and the ivy sprouting up on every wall made for two awesome visits.  It’s a place I will gladly return to!  Thanks to PiA for the opportunity to feel like an Ivy Leaguer for a few weekends.

Buyers Hall. This building makes my Alma Mater look like Disneyland compared to Hogwarts.

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