NYC Has Everything, Part 2

Posted on June 8, 2012


Continued from here.

Tuesday Afternoon. Walking. Downtown. Financial District. Wall Street. Jeff Koons. Sculpture. Shake Shack. Burgers. Fries. Shake. Walking. Ground Zero. Timed Entry. World Trade Center. Security Check Point. Check point. Check point. Fountains. Memorial. People. New York Minute.

Click any photo to enlarge.


Click either photo for an interactive panorama of Ground Zero.

Leaving. Finding Claire. Taxi Cab. American Museum of Natural History. Timed Entry. Being late. Finding exhibit. Denied entry. Will-call. Entry. Bioluminescence exhibit. Too dark for photos. Glow-in-the-dark mushrooms. Glowing plankton. Glowing fish eyes. Good times with Beau. Wishing I could go back with a date.

Dinosaurs. Stegasaurus. Triceratops. Moschops. Bones. People.


Mammals. Jackalopes. Mastadons. Bones. People.


Closing time. Kicked out. Central Park with Claire. Swedish Cabins. Green plants. Big Trees. People. Runners. Walkers. Bikers. People.

Random castles. Ponds. Turtles. Little Turtles. BIG Turtle. Surprise.


Rock scrambles. Street. Waking aimlessly. Statues. Bubbles. People. People.


Skyscrapers. Broadway. Times Square. Culture Shock. Huge Screens. People. People. People. Lights. Comedy Shows. Flashing lights. Yelling people. Traffic. People.

Fashion District. Drinks. Back to Times Square. People. People. People. Snickers Ice Cream at the M&M’s store. Random artsy video of the Utah Desert and California Mountains. Out-of-place. Sitting. People watching.

Emily. Taxi-Cab. Standard Hotel. People in the windows. Beer Garden. Big Steins. Black Fassbier Kostritzer Schwartz. People. People. Currywurst. Confusing Bathrooms.

Taxi-cab. McSoreley’s. Sawdust. Indiana Jones. Raider’s March. Laughter. Choking Victim. Writing random words I wanted to remember into my phone. Drug Culture. You dirty cocksucker. Ask the butcher. Laughter. Closing time.

Doc Holiday’s. Shooting pool. Brooklyn Beer. Thank yous. Good-byes. Cafe Pick-Me-Up. Learning how to pee on the street in NYC. Laughter. Artichoke. Pizza. Random girls puking. Random girls screaming at people in stereotypical Brooklyn accents. People. People. People.

East Village. Adieu. Stairs. Bag. Thank You Beau. See you soon Beau. Street. Taxi-Cab. New York Penn Station. NJ Transit. Train. Newark Liberty International. 6:30AM Flight. Plane. Sleep.

36 Hours in New York City. Best time I’ve had in a long time. Thank you Beau, Claire, Emily, Hayley, and all the others.

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