Springtime in Paris

I was correct in my hypothesis that my parents would enjoy the d'Orsay; my mom even stated, and I paraphrase, that it might be her favorite museum ever. We crossed the Seine and walked the Champs Elysee from the Louvre all the way to the Arc de Triumph, which is tied with the tent at the base of Silverton Mountain as my favorite little spot in the world. We watched the sun set, then made our way back to Gare du Nord, and then to the airport where I saw my parents off before heading back to Amsterdam to meet Maria.


Chez Monet

Purples One of my fondest memories of being there in 2006 was being on the famous bridge with my good friend Rachel. We waited and waited for a gap in the crowds of tourists to get a shot of us, and just like that, the crowds parted and we got a photo. This time, I was much more lonely, and it took no time at all since there was maybe a quarter of the amount of tourists which would undoubtedly arrive in a month's time.

The Steves are Slaying it, Euro-Style

My brother Steve and his buddy Steve are a few weeks into their 40+ day European ski vacation. After being stripped searched in Switzerland and avoiding rain and avalanches in Chamonix, they now find themselves in Andermatt, Switzerland, throwing down big mountain lines. Check out their photo blogs by clicking the pictures below: Steve Gilson, … Continue reading The Steves are Slaying it, Euro-Style

Looking Back at the Last 365

It's hard to believe that one year ago today I was on a train from Stockholm to Karlstad after spending two nights on a boat visiting the Latvian Capitol, Riga. It was a crazy couple of days, and thinking about it definitely sent my mind wandering to the past 365 and all that has happened … Continue reading Looking Back at the Last 365

More Jay Travels

Hey everyone! I just found out that my incredibly awesome sister Sara has been hard at work updating her (and Zack's) blog about the rest of their trip in Europe after I departed from seeing them in Paris. I highly recommend you check out all of her posts! Check out their website here Zack and … Continue reading More Jay Travels

Fulfilling the Dream/Waking Up

Hi everyone. I'm writing from my parent's home in the snow-covered town of Glenwood Springs, Colorado, after arriving here late last night from France, where I got to go skiing in Chamonix for a couple of days and spent a day in Paris. I was also able to meet up with my brother Zack and … Continue reading Fulfilling the Dream/Waking Up