Dutch Angles in East Java: Van Den Bosch Fortress

I once inside the courtyard, I noticed that there were a bunch of motocross banners. John enlightened me by telling me that the grounds were commonly used for a motocross race during the past few years, and it was easier just to leave the banners up year-round I guess. It would be a pretty unique place to watch a race!


Bozeman Tritons Triathlon 2012

While I was certainly stoked for Zack, Sara, and especially my mom for finishing, the real winner of the weekend was my Dad, who competed in the half-Ironman competition of the race. We completed our entire 0.5 mile swim, 13.5 mile bike and 3.5 mile run during the time he was only on the 50+ mile bike portion of his event. It took him 6 hours and 17 minutes to complete the grueling race, and he was pooped at the end to say the least. Way to go pops!

Белый Goes To Moab

While Slickrock is my favorite trail, Jon and Amanda are undoubtedly two of my favorite people in the world, and it was a definite treat to ride with the two of them and not the entire Alpine Club, as I have done in years past. I don't see these two as much since I moved from Denver, so we had an absolute blast together with our bikes on rock. I hope to ride with them both a lot more this summer before heading to the other side of the world.

Riding the Monarch Crest Trail

...Steve and I left Gunnison around 5pm, which was a bit later that we had intended. We were really nervous about the light situation when we finally got on our bikes and had left a car at Poncha Pass for the shuttle. Luckily, it didn't take long for us to get above treeline from the summit of Monarch Pass, where we were rewarded with some of the best views I have had in Colorado in a while...[Read More...]

Finding a Cause of Snirt

I feel like every outdoorsy person in Colorado takes at least one trip to the Utah desert every spring so that we can regain color in our skin, and also to realize there is more to life than 4am wake-ups and afternoon post-holing in brown slush. I am no exception, so I was happy to … Continue reading Finding a Cause of Snirt

Catching Up With the Fall, Part 2

During the first weekend of October, I was able to go mountain biking at a couple of locations I have wanted to go to since I got back into mountain biking in 2007: Pearl Pass and Anderson/Petroleum Lakes. I went with the DU Alpine Club for a cold but fun weekend. Pearl Pass When I … Continue reading Catching Up With the Fall, Part 2