FWT Qualifier Moonlight Basin 2012

I ended three from the bottom in 34th, but I did not mind considering all the fun I had been having with friends and family that weekend. I went for glory and didn't quite get it, but I did get some killer video footage of it all. Enjoy!

FWT Crested Butte Recap 2011

I fell really hard on the landing of the 360 pictured above and didn't make it past qualifiers. I will claim I double ejected with my DIN setting at 13, and I'm perfectly OK after the fall [Read More...]

FWT Jackson Hole Recap

I got into Jackson at 2:30AM on Thursday morning after a nine-hour drive from Denver. The drive would not have taken so long, but winds blew my car sideways while I was going close to 80mph outside of Rawlins, so I decided to drive slower after that[Read More...]