America’s Middle Child


New York City is America’s Oldest Child. It has expectations, responsibilities, and high standards.

New York only sets the bar further with each achievement.

Los Angeles is America’s Youngest Child. It enjoys privilege, glamour, and constantly demands attention.

L.A. gets what it wants.

Chicago is in the middle, both geographically and symbolically. It has the expectations of New York but strives for the fun of Los Angeles. It has both and neither.

Chicago does its own thing, and does it well.

Or maybe not. Just a casual personification from someone who has spent less than a week total in all three cities combined during the past five years.

American urban environments are neat places to visit, to photograph, and to inspire creativity. They are the places I like to visit to remind myself of the world beyond the mountains.

Chicago is pretty cool, my only experiences before going were Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle and The Dark Knight Movie. Go with someone with a more up-to-date knowledge of the city than myself.


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