Photography of Mann

View of the Coast from Maughold
View of the Coast from Maughold

Davinia and I spent a week exploring the Isle of Man, a relatively small island state in between Great Britain and Ireland. Her mother and her mom’s partner did a fantastic job of showing us around, feeding us (really, really well), and just generally being awesome. Thanks again for everything!

We were also there during the Manx Grand Prix, which is a qualifier for the much more renown Manx TT. At first it was awesome to watch the various motorcycles fly by with a pint of Okell’s in hand (video below photo gallery), but then it just became annoying because the bikers were everywhere, sneaking up behind me while driving and closing the main island road every day for practice. Luckily, the fields of purple heather at the southern tip of the island and the sunset from the Maughold Graveyard more than made up for these annoyances.

Click on a photo to enter full-screen mode and read a short description of the place photographed.

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