Don’t Prang in Your Beshbarmak

Outhouse Backflip Intense warming & a few avalanches made for some of the most fun, smoothest pow skiing I've done in a long time, which is what this video features. I apologize to anyone looking for sickter-richter huck-tack-u-lar GoPro footage, but I had just as much fun with this crew on this terrain as I've had doing anything else in Central Asia, and that's all that matters.


What I like about KIMEP University

Still 1 I made this video for a contest KIMEP University is running for some ski passes to the local resort, known as Chimbulak. If you notice the ambiguous statement at the end, you get extra points. More noteworthy is that it features some of the GoPro footage from my climb up Amangeldi Peak last October

Silverton Dec 09 – The Photos

I spent the month of December staying with my parents and Darcy in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. They do not have internet, and I did not have camera or did I do anything that interesting, so I didn't post for the entire month. I find myself back in Denver today though, with a brand-spanking new Canon … Continue reading Silverton Dec 09 – The Photos