International Local Media, US Presidential Elections, & I

Well, I'm officially 2 for 2 on being abroad during Presidential Elections in the United States, as well as being 2 for 2 on somehow making an appearance in the local news where I am living at the time.


Looking Back at the Last 365

It's hard to believe that one year ago today I was on a train from Stockholm to Karlstad after spending two nights on a boat visiting the Latvian Capitol, Riga. It was a crazy couple of days, and thinking about it definitely sent my mind wandering to the past 365 and all that has happened … Continue reading Looking Back at the Last 365


Leanne, my friend from California, shot this short-film entitled “knitting&smoking” while we were studying abroad in Karlstad, Sweden. It stars my awesome Dutch friend Shelley who lived just down the hall from me at Triogatan 12, and also Michael and Alex, two nice German guys who lived in Rosenburg. I remember when Shelley first got … Continue reading knitting&smoking

My Final Weeks of Swedish Living

So I'm writing to you know from the absolutely amazing l’Hôtel du Bois in Les Houches, France after a great day of skiing, but I thought I'd write a final post about the five fantastic months I spent living in Sweden, all of which started coming to an end when I got back from Helsinki … Continue reading My Final Weeks of Swedish Living

Lapland & Swedish Winter Experiences

Hello once again everyone! I'm sorry I haven't been able to update you on my Lapland trip until now, but I actually had some school work to do. With all the traveling and time off I've been had here it was almost strange to have two big days of classes, but I made it through … Continue reading Lapland & Swedish Winter Experiences