Skiing a 13er in January?

The only sign of instability occurred when Maggi took a tumble and I skied up to check on her when we were just entering treeline. She was OK, and when she made about 3 turns away from me, the slope I was standing on made an ominous "whoompf" as the snow settled. Maggi called back to tell me she just saw it crack, but I was already straight-lining to safer terrain. The slope did not slide, but instead just gave us a verbal reminder that it was January 2nd in the San Juans.


Silverton POW POV

Music: Metric - Sick Muse Helmet Cam footy from a day at Silverton on February 27th, 2010, with the DU Alpine Club. It was the best snow, best guide, and best crew I have had in 4 years of going down there. Too bad my helmet cam takes terrible footage. I will work on that … Continue reading Silverton POW POV

Silverton Dec 09 – POV

During the two days we spent in Silverton, I brought out my cheap Oregon Scientific Action Cam for some shots of what we were skiing. Here is the result, all nicely put together with Cut Copy's Time Stands Still. The point at 1:47 when the snow flies in your face is a butter 360 in … Continue reading Silverton Dec 09 – POV

Silverton Dec 09 – The Photos

I spent the month of December staying with my parents and Darcy in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. They do not have internet, and I did not have camera or did I do anything that interesting, so I didn't post for the entire month. I find myself back in Denver today though, with a brand-spanking new Canon … Continue reading Silverton Dec 09 – The Photos

Silverton ’09

So every year I take at least one trip to Silverton, Colorado. Usually it's just one trip with the DU Alpine Club, but sometimes I'll get lucky and go down there twice with friend and family during the unguided season. It is easily the gnarliest lift-accessed terrain in Colorado, and probably amongst the top three … Continue reading Silverton ’09