FWT Qualifier Moonlight Basin 2012

The Jay-Wing in full force. ©Amy Jimmerson

A couple of weeks ago, I had a great experience at the Freeskiing World Tour Qualifier at Moonlight Basin in Montana. Like last year at Jackson Hole, I met a lot of really great people and some great skiing went down. Unlike last year, I was able to share this experience with family and close friends, seeing how my brothers and their Sara(h)s live nearby in Montana, and I was accompanied throughout the week with Trine.

Also, like last year, my primary goal was to ski in finals on the second day. This happened, and unlike last year, I had no equipment malfunctions during finals inspection. Starting the second day in 28th place, I knew I was out of the money and not planning on getting any higher than the teens, so after stomping my line on the far looker’s right of the venue during finals, I went for a backflip on the extra-credit jump at the bottom. I took it too deep, punched through the crust on the landing, and crashed pretty hard within a hundred feet of the finish gate.

I ended three from the bottom in 34th, but I did not mind considering all the fun I had been having with friends and family that weekend. I went for glory and didn’t quite get it, but I did get some killer GoPro video footage of it all. Enjoy!

As always, I recommend clicking on the “Vimeo” icon and watching in HD.
(Non-POV parts of my video are from here)


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