Looking Back at the Last 365

It's hard to believe that one year ago today I was on a train from Stockholm to Karlstad after spending two nights on a boat visiting the Latvian Capitol, Riga. It was a crazy couple of days, and thinking about it definitely sent my mind wandering to the past 365 and all that has happened … Continue reading Looking Back at the Last 365


Tallinn & Suomenlinna

Tallinn After my first day in Helsinki (which is the post you SHOULD start with before reading this one), I took the ferry to the capitol of Estonia to check out the medieval city there. It was my third medieval European city that is on the UNESCO World Heritage list (along with Carcasonne and Bruges) … Continue reading Tallinn & Suomenlinna

Architecture (and more) in Helsinki

I just got back from a cool 4 day trip on the other side of the Baltic to see the cities of Helsinki and Tallinn. My original plan was to try and take the ferry from Stockholm back in September, but you have to book the ferry pretty early to get the cheap rooms, so … Continue reading Architecture (and more) in Helsinki