NYC Has Everything, Part 1

Monday Night. Rain. Lincoln Tunnel. Skyscrapers. Liberty City memories. Street corners. Drop-offs. Taxi cabs. Rides with new friends. Buildings. Buildings. Buildings. East Village. Stairs. Good Friend. Conversation. Sleep.

Entering the Lincoln Tunnel. Everything awaits on the other side.

Tuesday Morning. Descent of stairs. Greetings from Victor. Bagels. Coffee. Subway. My My Metrocard. Crowded trains. Not-so-crowded trains. Walking. Metropolitan Museum. The MET. College student discount. Crowded Egyptian closets. Big displays of Egyptian Ruins. Early 1900’s vandalism. Windows. Light.

More old Egyptian stuff. Old Greek stuff. Old Roman stuff. Old American stuff.

Modern Art. Dali. Jesus. Color. Lines. Chuck Close. Andy Warhol. Mark Rothko. African Modern Art. People watching.

Click on any photo to see a larger version.



Impressionists. Monet. Bridges. Lilly-pads. Giverny. France. Places I’ve been. Paint boogers. Pointillism. Phone Calls.


Attempt to find something Kazakh. Getting Lost. Leaving the MET.

Street. Taxi-Cab. Daily Show Studio. Lower West Side. Parking Garage. Soccer Fields. Elevator.

Trapeze School (!!!).

Jumping. Swinging. Flying. Chalk. Backflips. Views of New Jersey. Views of downtown. Laughter. Fun. Stokage.


Continued Here.


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