I do a lot of dangerous things, most of which I write and post about on this webpage. While I cannot consider myself a trained professional, please do not consider my abilities and actions as better, worse or equal to yours.

I do have quite a bit of experience skiing, hiking, mountaineering, biking, climbing, and any activity I partake in. I know exactly where my limits and abilities are; I suggest you learn where yours are at before you start to push your limits, should you choose to do so.

PLEASE do not compare yourself to me as a judgement as to what you can and cannot do; I am not responsible for and actions or decisions you make, whether your are out there with me or using my blog as a tool for research. I am also not responsible for any actions taken by any person after visiting this site.

This blog is simply a way for me to share my experiences, not something that should be used as a guidebook or map (anyone who does this is going to get lost really quick, I don’t pay much attention to detail in my writing anyways).

Finally, no matter what you do, make sure you’re having fun.


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