Some clips from Woodward at Copper

The only trip I took with the DU Alpine Club this past fall was a journey to Woodward at Copper, where my self-proclaimed goal was to learn flat 3s. I didn't get them down on the snowflex, but I did get a great feel for cork 7s and better feel on the awesome trampolines for many more tricks...[Read More...]


Sinks Canyon

Well, after having a hard time trying to get people to rally into the mountains for the extended weekend, my plans for the Eolus group or Castle/Conundrum for some Memorial Day mountaineering were foiled by high prices, apathy, and no one's interest in snow right now. So I ended up going with Darcy, Jenny, and … Continue reading Sinks Canyon

Three Weekends with the Alpine Club

Hey all- I've been super busy with school and whatnot, but I thought I'd share some of the stuff I've been doing with the DU Alpine Club the last three weeks. Click any picture or title for a photo-album of the trip. Hiking in the Flatirons Climbing in Castlewood Canyon Photo Credits: Mark Lopez Rafting … Continue reading Three Weekends with the Alpine Club

Silverton ’09

So every year I take at least one trip to Silverton, Colorado. Usually it's just one trip with the DU Alpine Club, but sometimes I'll get lucky and go down there twice with friend and family during the unguided season. It is easily the gnarliest lift-accessed terrain in Colorado, and probably amongst the top three … Continue reading Silverton ’09