My Final Weeks of Swedish Living

So I'm writing to you know from the absolutely amazing l’Hôtel du Bois in Les Houches, France after a great day of skiing, but I thought I'd write a final post about the five fantastic months I spent living in Sweden, all of which started coming to an end when I got back from Helsinki … Continue reading My Final Weeks of Swedish Living


Quirky Scandinavian Roadtrips with my Parents: Stockholm to Karlstad

Hej from Sweden once again. This past week my parents took a nice little trip to the other side of the pond for their first trip to Sweden. This is something that they took months planning with my help, and so it was a super treat for them to finally arrive and not just to … Continue reading Quirky Scandinavian Roadtrips with my Parents: Stockholm to Karlstad

Return to Stockholm

Hello Everyone! I just got back from a three day tour of Stockholm, and I thought I'd share with you some of the stories and pictures. I went with two of my Dutch friends, Marc and Shelly, as well as the Canadian Cate, and the Frenchwoman Melanie. Day One: Tivoli and The Hives One of … Continue reading Return to Stockholm

An Hour in Stockholm

I had about an hour between my arrival from Iceland and my train to Karlstad, so I went for a walk around Stockholm. My goal was to find Stadhuset, or the City Hall, where the Nobel Prize is awarded every year. Stadhuset is pretty much right behind the train station, but because I didn't know … Continue reading An Hour in Stockholm