My Final Weeks of Swedish Living

So I'm writing to you know from the absolutely amazing l’Hôtel du Bois in Les Houches, France after a great day of skiing, but I thought I'd write a final post about the five fantastic months I spent living in Sweden, all of which started coming to an end when I got back from Helsinki … Continue reading My Final Weeks of Swedish Living


November in Sweden

Hello everyone! So looking at my past few posts I have realized it's been a while since I've had a decent post dedicated entirely to Sweden. And this November, aside from a day trip to Riga and 4 days in Helsinki, has been spent entirely here in this fantastic Nordic country. So I thought it … Continue reading November in Sweden

Quirky Scandinavian Roadtrips with my Parents: Karlstad to Oslo and Back

Day 3: Karlstad I was super stoked to have my parents visit me in Karlstad and to walk around with them. It was a great excuse to see some of the things I wanted to see but couldn't think of a good excuse to go to, but with them here we were able to get … Continue reading Quirky Scandinavian Roadtrips with my Parents: Karlstad to Oslo and Back

My Swedish Televsion Premier

Well I think it was a slow day for news here in Värmland (and probably the rest of the world) so they called up the local Americans for some news. I figure since I signed my absentee ballot waiving my privacy that I might was well declare to the world (or just you and the … Continue reading My Swedish Televsion Premier

A Good Day in Värmland

My day started early at 7:30AM for a shower and a bowl of Rice Krispies. I then took the bus with my fellow American Corrine to Karlstad's Stora Torget, or the city center, to meet with two of the local high school English teachers. We had been contacted earlier to speak to their classes about … Continue reading A Good Day in Värmland

Värmland & Swedish Nature Experiences

Hey so I have a bunch of pictures from last week's excursions into the forest, out on lakes, and some from this week after visiting my Nordic Environmental Studies professor's organic farm. Last week I went exploring with Wes from California, and we took a scenic tour from our apartment buildings back up to the … Continue reading Värmland & Swedish Nature Experiences