Super Kolsai Lakes Weekend

We were able to escape the city for a long weekend out at Kolsai Lakes with some of my awesome friends here. The second night we camped on the shores of the second lake, and it was the night of the "Super Moon," which meant we had some fun and animal spirits were high.


Gunung Lawu (Mount Lawu) – Rainy Season

The time I spent in East Java was undoubtedly incredible because of the friendly people, wonderful food, and being able to see where one of my best friends has been living for almost two years now. But to be able to climb Lawu and see such an incredible sunrise next to a great friend transformed the experience into something like that first trip to Cologne n 2005; it was a trip that increased my passion for both international travel and my love of mountains further than ever before.

Bugaksan & Seoul’s Nature

Later on, as I dined on kimchi fried rice in Samcheong-dong, I reflected on my little layover hike, and realized that Seoul is a pretty great place, with its wonderful architecture, pleasant nature escapes, and very nice people. I will gladly return if given the opportunity in the future, and I would love to explore more of the nature of South Korea in the future.

Big, Militarized Almaty Lake

The date was September 2nd. This was an important date for me because my visa, as well as the visas of my hiking companions (all three were foreign students) expired on September 1st. In addition, none of us actually had our passports because our new visas, and therefore our passports, were in processing with the immigration police. This information was telepathically realized between the four of us after seeing the gun, and after a few quiet conversations about it, we all started to feel pretty uncomfortable in the given situation.

Toes of the Tien Shan

We made out way back down slowly, mindful of the slick trail and non-hiking footwear of my coworkers, and found the bus stop. It was a terrific weekend on the Toes of the Tien Shan Mountains, and I have a feeling I will continue to spend a significant amount of time there this year.