Asian Adventures

Attempt of Peak Lenin 2014

Exiting Lenin

After traveling the Pamir Highway (see link below), I met up with my Swedish friend Björn for a two-week long climb of Peak Lenin, a summit that reaches 7134 meters above sea level between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. For the story and photos, click on the photo above or this link.

The Pamir Highway 2014

Pamir Highway

In June, 2014, I spent seven days traveling the Pamir Highway in southern Kyrgyzstan and Eastern Tajikistan. The mountains and landscapes there were easily the most beautiful I have seen so far in my lifetime. For a full rundown of the trip, please click the photo above or this link.


Samarkand Plov in the Siob Bazaar
Samarkand Plov in the Siob Bazaar

In October 2013, my colleague Saranna and I took a couple of sick days to travel to Uzbekistan to see the “most cultured” country of Central Asia. We traveled to Bukhara, which was my favorite part of the trip, Samarkand, including an illegal run up a minaret tower for a better view of The Registan, and a walk around the odd town of Tashkent to round out an excellent short trip. Click on any link for the related story, or the picture for a related page.

Three Weeks in Southeast Asia
It's muddy in there

From December 11th, 2012 to January 4th, 2013, I traveled from my residence in Almaty, Kazakhstan, to Indonesia (by way of South Korea) to visit my super good buddy John, who was in his second year of Peace Corps volunteering in Eastern Java. We traveled north from Indonesia to Malaysia, and then continued north to Thailand by plane, foot, boat, bus, and train to Bangkok over a 10 day period. This page has a breakdown of the entire epic trip.

August 2012 – June 2014: Almaty, Kazakhstan

Komsomol Peak and I

For two years, I was a Princeton in Asia Fellow working at KIMEP University in Almaty, Kazakhstan. I really love the mountains there, and made some fantastic friends.


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