The Pamir Highway 2014


After spending two years living and working in Almaty, Kazakhstan, I took the month of June, 2014 to fulfill two goals I had wanted to accomplish since I found out I was moving to Central Asia: Travel the Pamir Highway of eastern Tajikistan, and attempt to climb a really big mountain.

The Pamir Highway trip exposed me to some of the biggest, most beautiful mountains and places I have ever seen. I originally wanted to fly to Dushanbe and travel by road to Osh, Kyrgyzstan, but political unrest in Khorog, Tajikistan, made me change plans and travel by road from Almaty to Osh, and then travel from there to Khorog and back. I was able to travel with a Danish/English/Austrailian couple, in the middle of a Shanghai-to-Istanbul over-land trip, from Osh to Khorog, and back to southern Kyrgyzstan with a Dutchman and a guy from Iran. It was such an amazing seven day trip that each day deserves its own blog post.

Please use the links below to read about the experience and see some photos that hardly give the mountains and landscapes the respect they deserve.

Introduction: Getting to Osh
Chapter 1: Osh to Kara Kul
Chapter 2: Kara Kul to Murghab
Chapter 3: Murghab to LangarNorthern Wakhan Corridor Panorama. For an interactive version of this photo, click here.
Chapter 4: Langar to Ishkashim
Chapter 5: Ishkashim to Khorog
Chapter 6: Khorog to Murghab
Afterward: Murghab, and back to Osh

You can also see some photos from the trip on Svend and Helen’s Blog, who I shared a taxi with between Osh and Khorog.


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