Värmland & Swedish Nature Experiences

Hey so I have a bunch of pictures from last week’s excursions into the forest, out on lakes, and some from this week after visiting my Nordic Environmental Studies professor’s organic farm. Last week I went exploring with Wes from California, and we took a scenic tour from our apartment buildings back up to the lake I was trying to find in My First Week of Swedish Living post. Along the way, we explored the forest and found the softest ground I have ever walked on. It was like walking on a giant sleeping pad. Here is what it looked like.

Wes Relaxing
Me relaxing

The forests of Värmland and of Sweden in general are incredibly fun to run around in and explore, expecially because everything is so green and mossy, which is a lot different than the forests of Colorado.

Wes behind a tree
Moss on a tree

After throughly exploring the forest, we made our way north to the lake. After a bit of exploring, we discovered an old row boat that looked like it hadn’t been used for a long time, so we decided that no one would miss it if we borrowed it for a little while.

The Boat (the water inside was rain water)
Me rowing
Wes Rowing

Our goal is to find fishing poles before we go back so we can get an affordable Swedish dinner.

A week later I went on a field trip to a lake one hour north by bus with many of the other international students here at Karlstad. It was supposed to involve mountain biking, but because my Dutch friend Marc, my Bulgarian friend Kiril and I moved too slow, we missed the biking both times. Instead, we had some fun doing archery and sling-shots, as well as a trip on the canoe.

Marc and the archery field
Kiril sling-shotting
Me sling-shotting
Kiril and Marc on canoes
One smooth lake

After this trip I went to Stockholm for a little urban adventure, but returned to nature this week with a trip up to my Environmental Studies professor’s organic farm. He has plenty of dogs, Scottish highland cattle, and a wonderful view of yet another Värmland lake.

Dog on the farm
Highland Cow
Cow with a view
Most of the farm

And thus I find myself back in Karlstad, avoiding homework. Next week I will be going on a 4 day adventure on Lake Vänern with my environmental studies class, so that will probably be the focus of my next post. Thanks to Jenny, Kevin, and of course my wonderful mother for the comments. I hope everything is going well where ever you may be reading this from, everything is going great here! Thanks for checking out my blog.


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