My Swedish Televsion Premier

Well I think it was a slow day for news here in Värmland (and probably the rest of the world) so they called up the local Americans for some news.

I figure since I signed my absentee ballot waiving my privacy that I might was well declare to the world (or just you and the people who watch Värmlandnytt) who I voted for. To see the whole episode, click this link and select “Värmlandsnytt 2008-11-04 22.15”


5 thoughts on “My Swedish Televsion Premier

  1. What an epic premier as resident US political expert…definitely should go on the resumé…Oh, and I especially enjoyed at about 1:35 when there´s a shot of you in the pack round patting your tummy. Classy.

  2. The best part about this is that you and Corrine are from states that typically Republicans need to win, even more so in Ohio. So when you hear about how much the youth rallies for a guy like Obama, you have to understand why. The crazy part to all of this is that people consider our generation to be possibly the most intelligent generation in the country’s history (mostly because of the technology and information that’s so readily available to people in our age range and how we’re so adaptive to new technologies.) I really feel it says something when over the last 4 years, we’ve seen what Obama has done, good and bad, and we still felt that was better than what Romney was offering. I think the youth, middle class, and poor especially get that our reliance on other countries needs to end (particular with and on oil) and that we need to learn to manufacture better products that can compete with what we are importing. Being from this side of the country, I’ve seen a bit of footage on Good ol Mitt and I’m glad that he did not get elected. I couldn’t really tell for what he stood for. At least Obama’s messages were consistent.

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