Scenic Photos from Barnard Hut

Advice for those looking for it: Stay more than one night; go here if you are looking for mellow ski terrain and good views; and make sure you come back to Aspen when there is some stereotypical wild techno-champagne party at the base of Aspen Mountain (complete with tacky, expensive outerwear) to make it feel as if you took a wrong turn in Basalt and ended up in Europe somehow...

My Best Photography from December 2010

While everyone seems to be uploading GoPro footage, no one seems to care anymore about high-quality stills of skiing and the ski lifestyle. Perhaps no one has the patience anymore to do proper photo shoots unless they will get paid or benefit in someway. This is disappointing, I love photography, especially that of skiing and the ski culture, so here are my best shots from the month of December. [Read More...]

Catching Up with November

So, after what was easily the three hardest weeks of school in my entire life, I have found nothing but relief through skiing since my extra-long winter break started. I found myself at A-Basin only two hours after submitting my last final, skiing super hard, but jaunts into the backcountry have certainly been the highlights of November.


The funny thing about the internet is that there are a lot of blogs. Because of that, you can find a double-post for nearly any adventure I go on, in particular for my backcountry ski adventures. This past spring, Collin and Tyler provided plenty of dual takes on big lines and backcountry skiing we did … Continue reading JuneSki

First Turns of the Season

This past weekend, I had a chance to go for a little "hike 'n' tour" up to St. Mary's snowfield(?) (Not a glacier, I guess) for my first turns of the 09/10 ski season with my roommate Anna. They were vaguely similar to my first turns last year, seeing how the October snow quality was … Continue reading First Turns of the Season

April Goodness

This past weekend Colorado got hit hard by some snow that is now all but gone in the Denver area, and luckily the highway was closed for most of Saturday because I couldn't make it up there anyways. So, instead, I went climbing at an indoor gym in Thorton, and I have to admit I … Continue reading April Goodness