April Goodness

This past weekend Colorado got hit hard by some snow that is now all but gone in the Denver area, and luckily the highway was closed for most of Saturday because I couldn’t make it up there anyways. So, instead, I went climbing at an indoor gym in Thorton, and I have to admit I am starting to get more stoked on climbing and planning to do it a lot this summer.

Anyhow, Sunday was a different story. Instead of staying in the city, I made it up to Berthoud Pass with a crew of 7 good buddies for a day of powder farming on the old resort. Enjoy the eye candy below…

Jenny enjoying the goodness
Joe giving it a good lean
Anna demonstrating why the English translation of the Norwegian word “telemark” is “faceplant”
But back on her feet enjoying it soon after

After farming a north-east face for a bit we hiked up the other side of the pass for a west facing slope. The trees turned out to have some of the best shots I’ve taken all year

Trine digging in
Chris loving it

On the way out I snapped this shot of the main channel we skied. I got most of the top off with some sloughing, and everyone was able to enjoy safe turns down.

Line of the Day!

Next weekend I’ll be in Moab for my first mountain bike rides of the season. See you then!


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