Catching Up with November

So, after what was easily the three hardest weeks of school in my entire life, I have found nothing but relief through skiing since my extra-long winter break started. Even though I found myself at A-Basin only two hours after submitting my last final, jaunts into the backcountry have certainly been the highlights of November.

I have written about dual-posts before, which is something noticeable given my current crew of internet-savvy backcountry enthusiasts. For these recent ski tours, there has been plenty of enthusiasm and excitement for the new season, and plenty of public internet reflection as well. So, rather than try to duplicate what they say, I’ll just allow you to click any picture to see someone else’s thoughts, photos, and video. And, if you want more up-to-the-hour notice on when their posts drop, check out my Twitter, which I even put on the sidebar for your browsing convenience.

My first day in the backcountry was with Collin up in some of the zones on Jones Pass. It was a good exploratory day, as well as a good day to realize how badly I need to get into shape…

Collin touring into Jones Pass

Collin laying down a turn into some early season soft snow

For Thanksgiving, I was lucky to ski with my buddy Jon in one of my favorite zones in Colorado off of Vail Pass. Despite a missing ski mishap, we still had a great day in postcard weather conditions.

Jon and his Frozen Stash

Sunglass shreddin’

For my first full-day in the backcountry, Collin and I drove down to meet with Chris and Steve to explore Fremont Pass. After two fun laps in some mellow glades, and getting the thumbs-down on trying to ski the ghost ski area of Climax, Collin, Steve and I found ourselves on a long tour to our first summit of the season. We were all smiles after ~2,500 vertical of powder skiing in glades the whole way down.

Chris enjoying his first backcountry day of the season
Steve topping out on an unknown summit just south of Fremont Pass

I have also been collecting some POV footage from these trips and plan to put out an edit when I can. Until then, there is plenty going on for the month of December, I’ll be sure to keep the camera snapping as I go along.

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