The funny thing about the internet is that there are a lot of blogs. Because of that, you can find a double-post for nearly any adventure I go on, in particular for my backcountry ski adventures.

Steve and Ashley on the way up

This past spring, Collin and Tyler provided plenty of dual takes on big lines and backcountry skiing we did together on their respective blogs, which was totally cool to see and be able to link up to. But now, the person who taught me how to blog has moved back to the square state of Colorado, meaning the dual-take (or even a possible triple-take) syndrome will continue, even though Tyler is out of the CO and on his way to the southern hemisphere next month.

Ashley on the way down

Seeing how Steve just moved in at the beginning of the month, we met halfway between his new home in Gunnison and my house in Denver for some June skiing on Independence Pass. His friend Ashley tagged along, and together we skied from the summit of Independence Mountain, which featured hardpack, ice, and maybe only a half dozen corn turns before total snirt mush.

Steve coming down, Ashley looks on

(I guess the best thing about dual blogs is I can use other people’s pictures too, only as long as I give them photo credit)

Yours truly, just starting to get into the snirt mush. Photo: Steve

We only took one run before deciding that the World Cup game would be more fun than another windy lap, so we made our way into Aspen to see Team USA get amazingly lucky against the Three Lions.

(You might remember that the Dutch are my team in South Africa, and I’m glad to see they beat Denmark. Or should I say Denmark beat themselves? Go Orange!)


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