My Best Photography from December 2010

I find myself pretty frustrated with skiing multimedia these days. While everyone seems to be uploading videos (which I have been doing, and will continue to do), no one seems to care anymore about simple stills of skiing and the associated lifestyle. My personal favorite ski blog, BroBomb, started a Photo Feature category, but has failed to find a photo to post for the past few Fridays. Perhaps no one has the patience anymore to take proper photos unless they will get paid or benefit in someway. This is disappointing because I love photography, especially that of skiing and the mountain culture.

Here are my best shots from the month of December. Enjoy them, share them, put them up as your computer background, and keep the spirit of amateur skiing photography alive.

Jones Pass

One of the zones I have been exploring a lot this season is Jones Pass. Multiple dawn patrols in the area have led to some wonderful sunrises, and several storms have led to fun powder snow. I went up
there with a large crew before my birthday for some brats, whiskey, and deep turns.

Dave getting deep
Max and Vinny in camp
Andrew getting deep on Jones Pass... yet again

William’s Peak

Before and during Jesus’ birthday, I went up with family to William’s Peak, a super mellow backcountry zone only a few minutes away from my parents’ front door. I’ve never had a bad time up there, and these two days were no exception.

Always a great view from the top of Williams
Zack decided to go big


The annual Jay-Boy Silverton trip this year was the best one yet, with some of the deepest snow I have ever skied and an ever-increasing knowledge of the terrain there. Steve and I were wholly caught up in our GoPros, but I still was able to sneak in a few photos.

I love this town
Steve getting deep
Not a bad view
Steve Hucking Hard
Snow mover fail

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