Fish Bread

The Hagia Sophia The one place Davinia and I really wanted to see was the Hagia Sophia. It was originally built as a Cathedral in 537 AD, and about 1000 years later converted into a mosque. Now it is a museum, and easily one of the oldest buildings I have ever been in. It is the type of place you can feel when you're inside of it, it is a place where so many people have been looking for spiritual guidance that you can't help but wonder about the millions of stories held within the walls.


Deep Water Free Solo – Ton Sai

Closer to the top The second zone we climbed at separated the climbers from the watchers. One of the guides scurried up both of the moderate routes, and then jumped about 12 meters into the water. Everyone in the boat was a little intimidated, but I jumped in the kayak and headed towards the ladder, refreshed from the delicious Thai lunch.

Ça va, Brudda?

I finally found my microSD adapter thanks to my roommate's parents being in town an his brave decisions to clean the basement before they arrived. I had 19 pics from my airboat tour way back in early April when I was in New Orleans, Louisiana. Sorry for the low quality, but these pics are actually … Continue reading Ça va, Brudda?