Ça va, Brudda?

I finally found my microSD adapter thanks to my roommate’s parents being in town an his brave decisions to clean the basement before they arrived. I had 19 pics from my airboat tour way back in early April when I was in New Orleans, Louisiana. Sorry for the low quality, but these pics are actually some of the best cell phone shots I’ve seen in a long time. Here are some of the best ones.

On the docs, with an airboat getting ready to go
On board, with a big boat on the left
The high speed waterway

The only alligators I had seen before this were in various zoos and also went I toured the San Louis Gator Farm about one year ago. This was the real, authentic, no-in-cages-or-pools experience, and it was way cooler than any zoo or the gator farm.

Another Gator!

When we arrived at an oil well, we learned the truth about our tour: we were not actually in a true bayou. We were actually just cruising a bunch of canals that were dug in the early 1900s for oil wells. All of this land, according to our guides, has been passed down from generation to generation and is worth a lot of money because of what lies beneath the water, and the chances you’d ever come across a piece of land in near the bayou for sale are slim to nil. The land and water also hold a lot of memories that are very dear to the people who live there, and they would never sell it because of that.

Oil well

After taking one of the narrow straights of a canal, we came to the edge of the real bayou, where the vegetation was too dense to take in the airboat. It was here, however, that we ran into another tour boat outfit, and our guide greeted him with some authentic cajun when he said, “Ça va, Brudda?” I learned about cajun and its odd mix of French, English, and just a touch of Spanish, so I was really happy to actually hear just a greeting if nothing else.

Looking into the real bayou

At the end of the tour, we sat in the sun while the guide told us stories of visitors who had fallen off the airboat next to gators, and therefore the gators were named after the tourist who had woken them up. While we sat there, I immediately began perspiring, and it makes me wonder how I am going to survive a two month ordeal in Washington DC.

The final shot

Weather has led to a another down weekend here in Colorado, it will be a hard push this time next year to finish up The 14er Quest I think. Next weekend if the weather’s good I’ll be trying to get up Torrey’s Peak, then I’ll probably be rafting for a weekend, and then I’ll be spending Memorial Day weekend in the Eolus Group between Silverton and Durango. It should be a good month, check back later and thanks for reading!


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