Lawu (Reblog)

Posted on March 15, 2013


John took a few amazing photos and added a bit of backstory to our Lawu climb back in December, but there is some debate on whether our friend’s name is Feri or Very…

John di Jawa

If you come to my town and slowly look around, you’ll see main road – rice paddy – house – rice paddy – rice paddy – sugar cane field – house – house – rice paddy – and then…


Mt. Lawu appears out of nowhere, rising 3265 meters above the pancake-flat area I live in. Sometimes when I feel like I’m living in a humid Kansas, all I have to do is turn around and see that actually I’m on an volcanic island in the “ring of fire.” But it’s still strange getting used to living in East Java, where it’s like an on-off switch between sea level and 3000+ meters.

Being that I see it every day and have wanted to hike it since I got to site, I’m surprised I haven’t hiked Lawu sooner. Numerous opportunities have come up, but I’ve always had to cancel. So finally…

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