Catching Up With the Fall, Part 2

During the first weekend of October, I was able to go mountain biking at a couple of locations I have wanted to go to since I got back into mountain biking in 2007: Pearl Pass and Anderson/Petroleum Lakes. I went with the DU Alpine Club for a cold but fun weekend.

Pearl Pass

When I got back from DC in late July, Chris came out to Glenwood so we could hike Castle and Conundrum peaks. We drove up to the intersection of Castle Road and Pearl Pass Road before we began hiking, and the gnarly looking Pearl Pass road stuck in my dreams for a while.

Graham at the intersection

When we went back for the bike trip, I parked the rental truck at the stream crossing, and we set off on bike wheels. We made it up to a great view of the valley (about a quarter mile past the Wilson-Taggert hut) before deciding to turn around on the extremely rocky and difficult road down. I had the helmet cam on, but no footage came out remotely usable.

One of the boys after the rough section

On the way down, some of the shady sections of the road were complete ice, so the going-really-fast-and-having-no-control factor made things super fun, but one of the crew took a digger and had to take his time for the rest of the trip.

Anderson Lake

The next day, two other members and I cut out to Anderson Lake up the drainage where we were camping. Four wheeling to the trail was as much fun, if not more fun, than the actual bike riding. Either way, the views were incredible.

The crew starting out after a 4×4 adventure

After riding the road for a while, we took a right to head to the lakes, but I’m curious to go back and find out what is at the end of the valley (the map says it’s a place called Ruby).

Looking towards Ruby

After a wilderpoop, we parked the bikes and hiked up to Anderson lake. In about 100 vertical feet, the temperatures dropped and the wind picked up, so we had a quick lunch and made our way back to the truck. One thing that I continue to dream about, however, is the climbing options above Anderson Lake. Does anyone know the name of this mountain?

Unknown mountain, hard to access until July…

We met up with the climbers and hikers at the top of the Pass and made our way back to Denver. Great trip, plenty of reasons to go back…

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