Murghab to Langar: Speechless on the Afghani Border

The View from Langar

June 5th, 2014 was one of the most visually amazing days of my life. I rode in a taxi with Svend, Helen, and our new driver, Sailaubai (pronounced Sauleboy), from Murghab to Langar, Tajikistan. The day started with a view of the sunrise over Muztagh Ata of China, and ended with a sunset illuminating the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan. In between, we viewed some of the most amazing lakes, rivers, and, most importantly, mountains, I have ever seen. Rather than follow my usual blog post format, I will let you look through the best of the 100+ photos I took that day, posted below in chronological order.

If you click on a photo (I recommend starting with the first one), you can scroll through them all. Each has a caption explaining what the photo is, and a few have links to interactive panoramas on my Photsynth page. I apologize for the quality of the photos in advance, but I hope you get a general idea of this incredible place.

Author’s Note: This post is a part of many associated with my trip on the Pamir Highway in June, 2014. For a complete overview of this trip, please click this link.


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