Don’t Prang in Your Beshbarmak

So, since I’m about halfway through the posts from my epic trip South East Asia back in December, I thought I would get “back in the season” a little bit and post some content from last week’s trip to Kyrgyzstan. I had the honor of going on a 7 day epic with 40 Tribes Backcountry to their yurt at Jalpak Tash, which is a short drive and long hike from Karakol, a town in eastern Kyrgyzstan.

Intense warming & a few avalanches made for some of the most fun, smoothest pow skiing I’ve done in a long time, which is what this video features. I apologize to anyone looking for sickter-richter huck-tack-u-lar GoPro footage, but I had just as much fun with this crew on this terrain as I’ve had doing anything else in Central Asia, and that’s all that matters.

I have a whole slew of photos from this trip as well, which I’ll post soon, but I thought I should get the GoPro footage up ASAP since so many awesome folks helped me get a new one after my old one was most likely stolen between Seoul and Jakarta in December. So, big thanks to all those who helped make this video (and many future ones) possible!


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