Spending an October Night Without Fire

So this past weekend the weather got might cold and snowy here in Denver. The plans to go backpacking in Lost Creek Wilderness made my stomach sink quite a bit considering the ground was fairly well covered with white and the temps were far from enjoyable. But, after picking up the crew and driving, we discovered that the snow line was below 8000 feet, and that all the area near Bailey, Colorado, was quite dry and much warmer (which is relative this time of year…)

Frost, but no snow!

We hit up the Payne Creek trail system, which stays north of the Colorado Trail. The crew was super rad, and despite the brisk temperatures, made the best of the short hike in. Once we cleared the pass, the clouds toyed with us, visually frosting the trees before our very eyes.

Playing with B&W

We made camp quickly, and because no fire is allowed in Wilderness areas, we packed a bunch of people into a tent to stay warm and play some cards and reflect about our best experiences over the past 4 years (there were mostly seniors in the tent). The next morning, the sun popped, and made for a beautiful, but windy, hike out.

Some of the Crew warming up in the morning

The overnight wind had completely stripped the aspens, meaning the Fall color season is officially over (let the whiteness come, and be deep!)

One of the crew enjoying a seat, notice no color in the trees!

The rest of the hike out was quick and painless, but still far from “warm,” as it would have been defined a month ago.

One frosty, peaceful creek

We were out in no time, and ready to go down to the Boardwalk in Bailey, Colorado. This is, without a doubt, the best picture I have taken this year.

Anyhow, I’ve got some East Coast photography coming up next week. I also thought I should explain the links at the side of the page: the Awesome People category are blogs of people I know, look-up to, and/or get stoked on reading about. Links are websites for organizations I am a part of or support, and Friends are a couple companies I know the owners of and gladly support. You should definitely check out their stuff and tell them Jon Jay sent you!


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