A Nice (Spring) Break

Posted on March 23, 2009


So after summiting Mt. Sherman on March 14th, I spent this past week staying in a nice house just outside the Little Cottonwood Canyon with 15 guys and 1 girl. Enter: DU Alpine Club Spring Break. We skied 5 days between the Little and Big Cottonwood Canyons with sunny blue skies the whole week. The snow was a slush-fest, but we had some fun nonetheless. Here are some of the best shots of the trip.

Chris getting technical on the first day at Snowbird

Tyler throwing down at Snowbird

Curt throwing down the next day at Alta

My favorite picture on the trip, Max going big at Alta

The third day Chris, Max and I went for a little tour up Grizzly Gulch. After that, not a whole lot of shots were taken.

On Wednesday night, we were treated to a luxury Norwegian dinner at my friend Trine’s parents’ yurt-restaurant thing. The meat was incredible, but the “magic sauce” was the best part of the meal for sure.

After the dinner our hostess was quite the hostess, and then we spent another day at Alta and a day at Brighton. The snow was consistently slush or consistently ice but the weather was consistently beautiful so everyone had a great time.

Yet again I have no idea who is reading these posts, but I did find out over the week that I have been verbally accepted to work as an intern for Colorado Senator Mark Udall this summer. I have yet to get any details, but I am pretty stoked about it and will be in DC for the summer. Let the traveling continue!

I will be re-formatting my entire website here soon, so stay tuned! Otherwise, I will be going to New Orleans for a weekend with my mom in a couple weeks which will probably be the next post. After that it will be mountaineering/mountain biking season so the hits will hopefully keep coming.

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