Rock You Like a Hurricane

So while I was in Sweden, in one of the many conversations I had with my mom, she expressed interest in me coming to New Orleans with them in early April. I could use my frequent flyer miles, stay with them, and also keep her company because my dad was to be there for a National Principals Convention. Well, sure enough, I did, and we had an absolute blast this past weekend in The Big Easy.

After getting in late Wednesday night and meeting up with my dad’s assistant principal and his wife at the airport, we made it to the Hilton around 1AM Midwest time. I had to do some modifications to the DU Alpine Club Annual Report, and then had to do some more in the morning, so I didn’t get out on the street until about noon, where I made my way on the river walk to meet my parents at the Cafe du Monde.

First impression
Plaza de Espana
On the riverwalk

After meeting the folks and getting the best cafe au lait I’ve had since France and some beignets, or donuts with about a pound powdered sugar in each bag (in other words, absolutely delicious), we started a walking tour of the historic French Quarter. Here are some shots, I can’t tell you too much about each place because I wasn’t paying too much attention to what my mom was reading, but the shots came out well.

St. Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square, and a horse drawn carriage line-up
Building in the Quarter, is that water damage on the first floor? It was also pretty crooked.
Another cool building

When we were on this walking tour, my mom really wanted to try and check out a haunted ballroom in the Hotel Bourbon, so we tried to get in but the doors were locked. So, as we were on our way out, we noticed a lady who was working headed towards the ballroom, and my mom asked if we could get in. Sure enough, she gave us the history of the place and let us go out on the balcony and everything. We were thankful, and then she brought up what else we can do in the hotel since we were staying there (which we weren’t). My mom dodged the questions well enough we were able to get out unscathed.

On the Balcony, primo Mardi Gras parade spot.
More French Quarter streets

Well, there are no open-container laws in New Orleans, so most of the walking tour was interrupted by stops for refreshments, and Pat O’Brian’s, where the drink the Hurricane was invented, and it was really, really good. A few of those later, we decided we needed to chill out with a ride on a streetcar to the garden district.

Climbing aboard
My very happy parents

Well, when we got back to the French Quarter, we did as we were told by multiple signs and “laissons les bonnes temps roulez.” At one point in the night we decided to do a ghost tour. The thing was a joke, but thanks to our refreshments we made the most out of it. I did get this great shot of the back of the St. Louis Cathedral though.

Behind the St. Louis Cathedral at night

The night ended with a quick tour of Bourbon Street, a stop in Harrah’s, and then bed.

The next morning we stuck mostly to the French Quarter again, but the night consisted of some Cajun fun at Mulate’s. The music was great, the food as well. In my three trips to France I have never had frog legs, but really enjoyed my first one in Louisiana.

The third day consisted mostly of the French Quarter again, with a really really tasty breakfast at Brennan’s and then some strolling with my mom. I did get some great shots of Jackson Square.

Statue and Cathedral

In the afternoon, when my dad was done with his conference, we took the free ferry over to Algiers, where there happened to be a river festival going on with a great brass band and booths for art.

The city skyline from the ferry
A family strolling along the levee

The next day, after more Cafe au Lait and Beignets, we went to Palm Sunday mass in the beautiful St. Louis Cathedral and then went on a tour of the bayou. I forgot my camera, but I took a bunch of pics with my phone so I’ll get those up soon. That night was pirate night on Bourbon street, and this guy’s was the best costume I have ever seen, and fully outdid all the Jack Sparrow wannabes.

Best Pirate Costume Ever

Tomorrow I’ll be back in the mountains trying to knock off a few more 14ers, with Princeton tomorrow and Bierstadt/Evans on Sunday. I’ll probably have a TR up about Princeton and I also need to put up the Bayou pictures, so check back next week!


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