Silverton ’09

Posted on March 5, 2009


So every year I take at least one trip to Silverton, Colorado. Usually it’s just one trip with the DU Alpine Club, but sometimes I’ll get lucky and go down there twice with friend and family during the unguided season. It is easily the gnarliest lift-accessed terrain in Colorado, and probably amongst the top three in the lower 48 states. This year I was in a crew that was half DU students, including my roommate Troy and two freshmen Trine and Ross, and the other half of the crew was some shop rats from Steamboat who were total rippers and let me ride a pair of Volkl Kuros for a run. It was one of the best days of the year for me, but I could not get a single shot of someone skiing to turn out. Luckily the sky was a deep shade of azure with not a cloud for miles, so naturally the camera was constantly clicking for some shots of the San Juans. Here are some of the best shots of the day.

Troy and Ross after riding Skid Mark, which was probably the line of the year for me. No shots of film though… 😦

Going Up to Billboard

Trine coming up with about 3,000 vertical feet of skiing below her…

It was a pretty amazing trip and we had a blast skiing Monarch on the way back home on Sunday.

Don’t know where Silverton is? Don’t know where Colorado is? Check out My Travels Since December Map.

Officer elections for the Alpine Club were this week, so you are now reading the official blog of this year’s Alpine Club President. It’s going to be cool, I hope. I have no idea why I thought I should announce that here because I have no idea who is out there reading this, but yeah, that’s my big news this week.

It’s looking like I’ll be climbing either Mt. Elbert or Oxford and Belford this Saturday, but otherwise I’ll be taking it easy getting a lot of work done for school here in Denver. I’ll be spending an entire week in the Little Cottonwood Canyon starting a week from Sunday with the Alpine Club, and my brother Steve might stop by too, so there is bound to be some rippage, maybe a little carnage. We’ll see. Either way keep your eyes open for a trip report on a 14er or two this Saturday or for Utah in a few weeks.

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