Silverton Dec 09 – The Photos

I spent the month of December staying with my parents and Darcy in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. They do not have internet, and I did not have camera or did I do anything that interesting, so I didn’t post for the entire month. I find myself back in Denver today though, with a brand-spanking new Canon G9 that I got for my birthday/Jesus’ birthday, so I thought I’d share some photos about a couple of days in Silverton, Colorado, for some lift-assisted backcountry skiing with my Dad and brothers, Steve and Zack.

We arrived in Ridgeway late on Christmas day, and got up at sunrise for the one hour drive to Silverton over Red Mountain Pass. You cannot beat the San Juans in the winter during sunrise for great mountain photography.

Red Mountain Pass in the early morning hours

We arrived in Silverton a little early, so we stopped for some coffee in town, and also some more dawn shots.

Silverton in the morning

Our first day consisted mostly of trees on the north facing side of the mountain, here is Zack making them look good in his new Flylow coat.

Zack enjoying snow

The helicopter was also buzzing around all day both days, and Zack and Howard could only pretend to be going on this one for now. Perhaps this spring…

Wannabe heli skiers

The light was awesome too, both days were completely bluebird. But with the moon in this one I couldn’t help but get a little artsy with some B&W.

San Juans in Black and White

The second day, after a night in Silverton at the always fun Imperial Hotel, I got a lot better at snagging action shots with my new camera, so here is some ski action stoke.

Steve slaying a cornice air
My Dad enjoying his new Rossignol S5 set up
Steve enjoying the powder
Zack getting airborne

We hiked to the Rope-Dee-Dope gate twice on the second day, and we found some sweet wind lips for some airs. I went first on the second lap and threw a pretty big backflip, and Steve followed in style.

Yours truly, getting inverted. Photo: Steve
Steve upside down

I also busted out my helmet cam for most of the trip, the edit is mostly finished and it’ll probably be up before the end of this week. Here is a little taste with what the backflip looked like if you were attached to the side of my helmet.

Thank you Grandma Jay for the Chrismas gift that made the first day possible! And thanks to my parents for providing lodging and transportation.


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