Beer, Waffles & Kids Peeing: Tourist Attractions in Brussels

Worth noting, however, is that there are actually two statues of kids peeing in Brussels. Jeanneken Pis is considered to be Mannekin Pis' sister, and is in the back of the alley where you locate the Delirium Cafe. I was told that the shop that had it installed went out of business a while ago, but sometimes she still finds the power to urinate behind the locked gates.


Performing “Research” at “The Laboratory” in Bruges

...the couple escorted in was none other than Jeff Lebesch and his wife Kim Jordan, i.e. The Founder of New Belgium Brewing and his wife, the current CEO. I can say with full honesty that I believe New Belgium makes the most overrated beer in Colorado, and since Howard's opinion isn't that much different than mine, we immediately started talking very loudly about how much better Odell Brewing is than New Belgium, how much Fat Tire sucks, and that 90 Shilling is the best beer brewed in Fort Collins, if not Colorado.