09-10 Season Highlights

Because I usually find myself behind the lens for this blog, I don’t put up too many shots of myself actually skiing, save for GoPro footage. I also didn’t have enough video from last year for a season edit, so here are the best pictures of me skiing last season.

Early season in Silverton. Photo: Steve Jay
The next day at Silverton. Photo: Steve Jay

Deep Pow at Rocky Mountain National Park:

(Video: Collin Tilbe)

Threading the needle in Jackson Hole. Photo: Joe Teynor
Getting Deep at Berthoud Pass. Photo: Tyler Grubb
Dropping into the Dead Dog Couloir. Photo: Andrew Mayer
The Money Shot. Frontflip on Loveland Pass. Photo: Wendy Thomas
Dropping into the Lewinsky Slot

Here’s to another great ski season!


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