Jays on the Grand

Once again I need to give a huge shout-out to the awesome stuff Sara and Zack have been doing. This past weekend they summited the Grand Teton, which looks like an awesome trip in either summer or winter, and it is definitely on my list of future climbs for both seasons. For their trip report, … Continue reading Jays on the Grand

Sinks Canyon

Well, after having a hard time trying to get people to rally into the mountains for the extended weekend, my plans for the Eolus group or Castle/Conundrum for some Memorial Day mountaineering were foiled by high prices, apathy, and no one's interest in snow right now. So I ended up going with Darcy, Jenny, and … Continue reading Sinks Canyon

Jacksonium + Bozonium

Hi everyone- the last two weekends I took a couple of roadtrips to the Rockies of northern Wyoming and southern Montana. The first one, up to Jackson, was to visit a friend of mine who is living there for the winter. I went with my two friends Max and Lindsey. The skiing was far from … Continue reading Jacksonium + Bozonium