FWT Crested Butte Recap 2011

Photo: Eben Wight/MSI

I fell really hard on the landing of the 360 pictured above and didn’t make it past qualifiers. I will claim I double ejected with my DIN setting at 13, and I’m perfectly OK after the fall.

Similar to Jackson Hole, however, I had a blast despite not finishing well. The first day was postponed due to weather, so I got to shred the 8+ inches that fell on Crested Butte with Nick Devore and fellow Cross Ambassador Ashley Magnuson all day long. I probably skied a little too hard considering the competition was the next day, but it was just too fun to stop.

Looking down at my line. Billy goat the three shelves of rock directly below, and send off the rock everyone else is standing on.

After about 36 hours of debating the best way to send the big air in my line, I decided my line score probably wouldn’t be super high, so I needed to try a 360 off of Box Rock at the Headwall venue. I got a little off my line in the billy-goat section, and ended up lower than I wanted to be for the take-off. I pointed it, went bigger than expected, and rotated my 3 a little early. I came around with about ten feet of air below me, and ended up over-rotating and crashing.

Looking up at my line. Enter on the right, Box Rock is on the left.

I ended up skiing the rest of the day with Nick, Tatsuno, and Parker, which was a definite pick-me-up after falling. Unfortunately, I was able to see the detailed scores and talk to the judges, who told me my line was unique, and a stomped big grab would have probably sufficed to get me into the next day. Live and learn I suppose! One more reason to go back next year.

Huge thanks to Tim, Sabrina, and Scott for hosting and feeding me for the weekend. You guys always have a place to stay/ride to the airport in Denver! Also, thanks to Nick, Ashley, Ed D, Tatsuno, and Parker for shredding with me, everyone at the finish corral who gave props for going big and support after the fall, and HUGE thanks to Jim Jack and Bryan B at MSI for letting me forerun on day one. See you in South America in August!

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