Something from Kazakhstan

I have been too busy working, traveling, and living life to sit down and go through my GoPro footage from this past spring in Kazakhstan until recently. All of the locations are in the Tien Shan mountains outside of Almaty, and mostly in the backcountry around Chimbulak. Lines include “Looks Can Be Deceiving,” “Option #1,” and “The Big Option,” which is the most likely first descent of the three, but I’m not sure. There’s also some goofing around during the closing days of Chimbulak.

If I don’t get deported next month, summer ski season looks to be great!


3 thoughts on “Something from Kazakhstan

  1. First: Are gloves banned in KZ?
    Second: Better practice your Russian if you want to stay.

  2. I think “Looks Can Be Deceiving,” – it’s Valery_Chkalov peak. nf couloir
    And “Option #1,” and “The Big Option,” – peak Edelweiss =) For sure you’re the first!

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