Some Photos from March

Didn’t land that one! Photo: Zach Paley

I didn’t ski a whole lot during the first half of the month thanks to a prolonged finals week, but one of the days I did make it out was pretty deep at Rocky Mountain National Park. My camera wasn’t out, but my buddy Zach’s was.

I love RMNP. Photo: Zach Paley

In mid-March, however, I got to drive out to Utah to visit my good friend Trine. We skied hard and didn’t take many photos as we ripped up Solitude and the Silver Fork backcountry, but this photo of the two of us is my favorite from the month. Thanks again for the great time Trine and to the rest of the Solitude Ski Patrol!

Double Trouble

After Spring Break, I was able to enjoy a Wednesday afternoon with my roommate Amanda. We spent the first half of the afternoon demoing next year’s Black Diamond skis at A-Basin, and the second half of the day jibbing around Echo. It was a super fun day, and in between resorts I was able to get this cool shot on Loveland Pass.

Loveland Pass

After the amazing day on Buffalo Moutain, I spent the last day of the month shredding around A-Basin, where I ran into my buddies Tyler and Bill. Happy to have an audience and fresh snow, I re-sent one of the fins next to the infamous Kong Cliff above the International run. I had hit it earlier this year with Chris and Max, but we all lacked cameras to document it. Tyler snapped this one on take off with his phone, and I was happy to stomp it!

Super fun! Photo: Tyler Grubb

I never thought I’d see a post with me in every picture! I’ll have a March GoPro edit up soon with more from March.


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