Silver Couloir – Descent

(Continued from here)

After our ascent of Buffalo Mountain, we clicked into our skis and made some mellow turns to the top of the Silver Couloir. Based on the turns to get to the top, there was a very good chance the snow was going to be very soft the whole way down. It was.

(My apologies about the beginning of the movie, it is hard to see how soft and smooth the snow was at the beginning because of the exposure. It gets significantly better at about halfway)

We discovered that we were about to get first tracks on the couloir for the day, so we took turns skiing safe-zone to safe-zone for the top of half of the couloir. The five inches that had fallen overnight proved to be well bonded, so we opened it up quite a bit more at the bottom.

Unfortunately, I forgot to put a memory card in my GoPro, so I had to use the one in my camera for the descent, preventing me from getting any action stills. After the descent, however, I got the camera back out for some bragging-rights.

Below the Silver

We traversed out, following some older ski tracks that would take us too far down the drainage, which would lead to us skiing into the wrong trailhead and require us to take a bus back to Collin’s car. We did get one last good look though, with just our tracks slowly being overcome by a crew of three (apparently with the Friends of CAIC)

Looking back at our lines, if you look closely you can see another person coming down

A burrito at Chipotle looking over our line later, and before I knew it I was back in Denver at 3pm. What a great day it was!


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