Bananas & Blow

Bananas & Blow was the first name of this edit, but I think it got poo-pooed by the powers that be.

(This edit was originally posted here)

My brother Steve broke one camera and had another stolen, so he is down to the GoPro he got for Christmas for the time being. He made this edit recently, and there is also gratuitous amounts of me falling at William’s Peak and some follow action at Aspen Highlands (similar to my follow cam of the same Steve at the same Aspen Highlands session here).

In the words of my brother: “Now that I don’t have a camera or a job, photographs might be hard to come by for the time being. However, my fiancée gave me a GoPro for Christmas so now I can be like almost every other kid out there and have helmet cam edits. So sit back, relax, and enjoy December from my helmet’s perspective.”


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