Pillow Talk in the Dream Chutes

So 14er season didn’t start quite yet, after the Alpine Club called off the trip to Mt. Sherman, and so my 50th day of the season took place with a bunch of friends up at A-Basin. The following day, however, I met up with Collin from All Mountain Access to go test the stability up at Rocky Mountain National Park.

Collin, being greeted by the Terrain Park

With avy danger high, I wasn’t sure what to expect in these fairly high angle trees. We headed over to the first Dream Chute (Terrain Park line #8), and kicked snow off the ridge to see if anything would react. Strangely, we couldn’t get the snow to slough on 40 degree slopes, let alone break into anything sizable.

Collin, finding it to be rather stable in between face shots.

The snow itself was all time. Every other turn was in the face, and it was probably around two feet deep in most spots. The pillow lines were also filled in nicely, so I was popping off everything left and right. The day was easily in the top 5 deepest pow days of my life.

Me, getting a pillow session in. Photo: Collin/AMA

The second lap we headed over to Terrain Park line #5. It was about the same elevation, just a slightly different orientation, but again, we found the snow layers to be sticky as glue.

My self, scoping the lines on the bald hill just behind me. The 3rd line in the video below is on this line. Photo: Collin/AMA

On the third lap we headed over the the second Dream Chute, or Terrain Park line #9. One pair of tracks preceded us, so we put our powder faces on and enjoyed the deepest turns we’ve had in a long time.

Collin, doing a good job of impersonating my brother Steve on these pillows.
Collin doesn’t have to dig deep to find the soft snow in this one…
Collin finishing up Dream Chute 2, I think I see a smile on that face…

I teed up a little hit right at the bottom of the chute, Collin got me right as I was coming down, giving me a chance to show how long my arms can reach.

I swear, that snowsnake was THIS big! Photo: Collin/AMA

The snow was so good, in fact, I was able to drag my buddy Chris up there for sloppy seconds the next day. He was as pleased about it as I was. Plus, the day was bluebird, giving us a chance to see the Dragon Tail Couloir (filled in) plus the other beautiful aspects of the park.

Chris, wondering why I dragged him up there…

I was able to finally get some film shots of me. Big thanks to Collin and Chris for filming these 4 little lines. I didn’t add any music because their commentary is just too good.

The last line is the creamiest, deepest, most wonderful drop I have ever skied. I wish I could do that all day, every day for a long time.

Silverton next week. Stay tuned for more wobbly helmet cam action.


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